by Karen Alberg Grossman

A legend in our industry, Ike Behar grew up in pre-Revolutionary Cuba, son of one of Havana’s finest tailors. At age 20, he left Havana with $50 in his pocket to start a new life in America. Based on his years of training as a tailor, he soon got a job with Ralph Lauren. In 1957, he started his own company, beginning with American-made shirts and evolving to a full lifestyle collection featuring beautiful suits (including made-to-measure), sportscoats, fabulous shirts, ties, and accessories. In 2012, with all three sons in the business, they began rolling out stores. The newest lifestyle concept boutique is at 400 Madison Ave, just a few blocks from where Ike began manufacturing shirts on 19 West 34th Street. They also have two stores in D.C. and one in Charleston, S.C., fortunately unharmed by Hurricane Ian. They’re currently looking at Palm Beach. (As for getting back into the wholesale business, we’ll have to wait for the official word…)

ABOVE: Celebrating Ike’s birthday yesterday with family


Lawrence Behar in the Madison Ave store last week

But men’s fashion has not been Ike’s only passion; he’s been widely recognized over the years for his philanthropy. In 2010, he was awarded the Latin Auxiliary’s Lifetime Achievement Award for his humanitarian contributions. He’s been a generous donor to Miami Jewish Health Systems, establishing successful music therapy programs for seniors.

The Behar Boys (clockwise from top left): Lawrence, Alan, Steven and Ike.

Birthday wishes to Ike and all the family: Alan, Steven, Lawrence, their beautiful mom Regina, and lots of grandchildren. Congrats and thank you—for making this a better, and better dressed, world.

Artisans crafting shirts in the original 34th Street workshop.


  1. Wishing Ike Behar a fantastic 90th birthday
    You are a unbelievable person with a wonderful family
    Have a fabulous New Year
    All the best

  2. Congratulations to the Behar Team, those two brothers are really fine gentlemen, always willing to listen and share what’s going on it the Shirt business, Continued success to you and the team.

    1. Love the brand and the man !! Terrific life and legacy – wishing you many, many more years of health and success !!

    1. Congratulations to Behar Family
      What a pleasure doing business with all the Behars for many years
      Bring the simple Signature white and black Patchwork shirts back!
      Brilliant Design
      What memories of how many we sold

      Thank you
      Ed Steinberg
      J S Edwards ( Retired)

  3. Happy Birthday Ike, “what a great family gathering” for
    such a wonderful event.
    Gary Wasserman

  4. Happy Birthday Mr. Ike,
    congrats to all the guys for continued success at Ike Behar.

    Robbie Fowlkes
    Perlis Inc
    New Orleans LA

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