Happy Socks x Montana Cans
by Stephen Garner

Happy Socks x Montana CansSwedish sock and underwear brand Happy Socks and urban art supply company Montana Cans have announced a new collaboration on two limited edition pairs of athletic socks dedicated to the freedom of expression and creativity – set to launch on Tuesday, February 27.

Widely considered to be one of the world’s top suppliers of graffiti art paint, Montana Cans works hand in hand with artists around the world to push the limits and boundaries of spray can technology. Founded by a collective of street artists in 1995, from its humble beginnings as a garage-based business, Montana Cans swiftly became a power player within the graffiti world for its meticulously-tested quality and endless variety of spray paint selections.

Colorful sock and underwear brand Happy Socks, the playful pioneer of the sock world celebrating their 10-year anniversary in April 2018, has taken what was once regarded as a clothing piece unworthy of creativity and transformed it into a designer canvas of endless possibility.

Happy Socks x Montana CansBoth pairs of the cotton socks feature graffiti-themed designs, including mini spray cans and a paint drip pattern. The pairs come in a Montana Can-inspired designer gift box, and the styles are available in unisex sizes. This limited edition collection celebrates the meeting of two brands determined to make the world a more colorful place.

To shoot the collection, Happy Socks traveled to Hamburg with The Grifters founder, graffiti writer Good Guy Boris, for an adrenaline-fueled trip charged with unrestrained creativity. The high-octane shoot instantly communicates the fast pace of the graffiti world and showcases the potential of Athletic socks as a streetwear accessory.

The Happy Socks and Montana Cans collaboration will be available online at HappySocks.com, in Happy Socks Concept Stores, and at selected retailers. Montana Cans Athletic Socks will retail for $16, and Montana Cans Athletic 2-Pack Gift Box will be retail for $32.