by Stephen Garner

Hari Mari has tapped Greg Kelley as the face of its fall 2020 boot collection.

Kelley, whose story is told in Showtime’s new docu-series, Outcry, details his error-ridden journey through the justice system. In 2014, Kelley faced a wrongful conviction and a twenty-five-year prison sentence; however, with a community of passionate supporters behind him and long-maintaining his innocence, Kelley fought to clear his name and return to his pursuit of collegiate football.

In 2017, Kelley’s conviction was overturned, and he was released after three years in Texas State Prison. Following seven years of combined prison and bond time, Kelley was exonerated and fully-pardoned by the state in November of 2019.

Inspired by Kelley’s perseverance, resilience, and character, Hari Mari hired Kelley for its new campaign, aspiring to amplify his message of positivity, truth, and redemption.

“Over the years, freedom was something that hung in the balance for me,” said Kelley. “I’ve come to learn when you are dealt a bad hand in a specific season of your life… freedom [is] the most important thing. It’s all I cared about when all else was stripped away. Being free is the ability to explore areas that maybe you’ve never thought you’d be but also explore a dream that is just a life chapter away.”

“Greg’s story is one of hope and inspiration,” added Lila Stewart, co-founder of Hari Mari. “One in which good prevails but horrific all at the same time. He and his wife, Gaebri, deserve so many blessings after what they’ve been through and given Greg’s character and strength, it’s an honor to have him be the face of Hari Mari’s new boot collection.”

Hari Mari’s fall 2020 collection features new twists on the brand’s signature styles. The Waxed CanyonTrek Chukka and Adobe Desert Boots feature water-treated waxed suede, sourced directly from León, Mexico, with premium pig leather linings and new molded foam footbeds. The brand will also offer new colors in its premium full-grain leather Dos Santos LX Retro Runner line.

Hari Mari’s fall shoe collection, which retails between $120 and $220, is now available in premium retailers and on harimari.com.