Harry Styles’s ‘SNL’ Gig Set The Tone For The Next Decade In Fashion

by MR Magazine Staff

Harry Styles is a glamour-puss for the zeitgeist: a man who gleefully mines the sartorial glory days of rock ‘n roll with his eyes firmly fixed on the future. That’s the story his clothing told this past weekend on Saturday Night Live, anyway, where he was both host and musical guest, electrically likeable and as funny anyone who’s actually in the show’s cast. As Styles joked in his opening monologue, where he played monologuing chanteur at the piano: “Everyone thinks the cast does a lot of cocaine. They don’t. That’s why the show’s not good anymore.” The ’60s, the ’70s, and a droll treatment of the doldrums of the 2010s, all in one moment. Rare is the person who “everyone”—whatever that means now—might “fall in love with,” but Styles still manages to do that nearly obsolete thing the best celebrities do: charm us, and look great doing it. That’s the Styles Style. Read more at GQ.