Has Everlane Ushered In A Brave New World Of Retail?

by MR Magazine Staff

It’s lunchtime at the Everlane headquarters in San Francisco’s Mission District, and men and women in their early 20s to early 40s mill about the open kitchen preparing salads and sandwiches from the two industrial-size refrigerators stocked with organic food. The employees embody the direct-to-consumer clothing company’s demographic: conscientious young people working in a corporate culture that doesn’t require suits and stilettos but rather Allbirds and earbuds. Or, in this office, Everlane’s leather ballet flats and cashmere crewnecks. A former laundry facility, the offices are white and bright, with sunlight filtering through the sawtooth skylight onto the open-plan desks. A dry-erase board stands next to the kombucha keg, covered in jagged, teenage-boy handwriting: “The ethical choice is the right one;” “Great design improves people’s lives;” “Smart risks are worth taking.” The notes are left over from the weekly all-hands meeting, explains founder Michael Preysman. Like the ideas, the handwriting is his. Read more at Vogue.