by Stephen Garner

Haspel Clothing, the New Orleans-born icon known for originating the seersucker suit, is 110. To celebrate, the family-owned menswear brand will launch a special capsule collection and a raft of parties, pop-ups, and partnerships throughout 2019.

One of the oldest family-owned apparel brands in America, Haspel may be legendary but it’s built for today’s man. The company moved to a direct-to-consumer model in 2017 to better serve its consumer. It refined its sourcing techniques—including moving its tailored production to Hardwick in Tennessee—and refreshed its assortment and product cadence. This year serves as a moment to recognize the brand’s storied past and bright future as a digitally-native, Louisiana-bred brand.

“As an American fashion brand, being able to celebrate our 110th anniversary is a truly momentous occasion,” says Haspel CEO and fourth-generation owner, Laurie Haspel Aronson. “Haspel clothes were made for a good time and we know how to celebrate big moments like this. We know both young and old will join us as we look ahead to the next hundred and ten years.”

In order to celebrate its 11 decades of style, Haspel will design and launch a capsule collection of suits inspired by company archives. Utilizing vintage-style fabrics and silhouettes, this collection will play homage to Haspel’s role as the inventor of the seersucker suit. Only 110 pieces will be produced, and each garment will be numbered and feature a unique Haspel label. The Archival Collection will launch in conjunction with National Seersucker Day, a nationally-recognized day for celebrating this unique American garment set for June 13, 2019, and will be available on Haspel.com.

In addition to the Archival Collection, the brand will celebrate National Seersucker Day in New Orleans with an exclusive dinner for media and friends of the brand. The evening will provide guests with a taste of Louisiana and a glimpse of Haspel’s history. This event will be open to the public with a limited-release of for-sale tickets.

This spring, Haspel clothing will also pop-up at New Orleans specialty store Rubenstein’s, where they will sell the full spring assortment of tailored clothing. Rubenstein’s has sold Haspel for decades and continues to be a vital partner for the brand as it enters its twelfth decade. A charitable event with Rubenstein’s and Haspel has been planned with the Jewish Children’s Regional Services later this month.

One of New Orleans’ premier attractions, the annual French Quarter Festival will be held this year from April 11th-14th. Haspel will be a host at this years’ event bringing its signature style to the streets of New Orleans as we celebrate the largest showcase of Louisiana music in the world.

Lastly, two Louisiana stalwarts, Haspel and Walk-Ons Bistreaux are combining forces to throw a Spring Derby Party aptly named “Walk On The Lawn with Haspel.” In true Baton Rouge style, Haspel will host its version of a Southern lawn party to celebrate the Kentucky Derby. Seesucker stripes, hats and colorful personalities will be front and center for the festivities set to be hosted on May 4, 2019 from 3:00 pm- 5:00 pm in the Walk-Ons Bistreaux on Burbank Avenue.

Haspel is also planning other special product releases, branding partnerships and social media engagement events throughout the year – so stay tuned.


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