Henry Jacobson, Artex in Global JV

by MR Magazine Staff

Men’s luxury firm Henry Jacobson has signed a joint-venture licensing deal with Artex International for three different markets.

Under the terms of the deal, Artex will have exclusive wholesale distribution of Henry Jacobson sportswear throughout North America, Hong Kong and mainland China.

Artex will also have retail distribution rights for Hong Kong and mainland China for collection sportswear, dress shirts, neckwear and accessories.

Artex is making and will deliver Jacobson’s spring 2007 collections and plans to open the first Henry Jacobson retail stores in China in 2008.

The firm has been Jacobson’s lead manufacturer to date, responsible for making most of its collection sportswear products.

“This will be a true joint venture,” said Alan Burks, Jacobson’s president.

“There will be a sharing of resources allowing the brand’s founder and creative director Henry Jacobson to oversee every aspect of design.”

Burks added that Artex’s quality is “world-class” and said they had “consistently gone the extra mile” to support the brand.

As well as the license with Artex, Jacobson licenses dress shirts to Kellwood, neckwear to Mulberry Neckwear and tailored clothing to Peerless. The company has offices in Richmond, California, and New York City.

Artex is a Hong Kong-based consortium of 17 related factories that produce luxury merchandise for all classifications in the tailored clothing, sportswear, furnishings and accessories categories.