by Brian Lipton

OYOBoxEven the closest of siblings can have disagreements. So it’s not surprising to hear that Michael Kriss, a successful marketing expert, once hung up the phone on his sister Luba Stark, a prominent attorney. What may be surprising is that the subject of the call was not a family dispute, but a business idea.

“My sister called me because she wanted to create something to store her eyewear,” recalls Kriss, who was unimpressed with the suggestion. “But six months later, I called her back and I agreed.”

By 2013, the OYOBox had hit the market, and today, this hand-crafted organizer has become a retail sensation, available throughout the country at Neiman Marcus, along with over 200 specialty fashion, houseware and gift retailers, as well as through its own e-commerce site.

In addition, the line has expanded from its original design, which stores up to eight pairs of glasses of neatly inside its upholstered lacquer-finished wood box, to include both the OYOBox Mini (which can hold four frames) and a unisex jewelry box which is large enough to hold oversized bracelets and rings. (The entire OYOBox line retails beginning at $124).

OYOBoxWhile Kriss points out that basic black remains the line’s best seller, the color palette has expanded into a dozen shades, including a vibrant orange and blazing blue, zebra gray, and metallic gold and silver. (Not all boxes come in all colors). The company is also introducing boxes made of carbon fiber, as well, to keep up with consumer demand for innovation.

Kriss adds that while the majority of buyers are purchasing OYOBoxes for their own use, they have become increasingly popular as gifts, Accordingly, he expects demand to rise for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and especially Christmas – when even more colors will debut (including rose gold and additional metallics) and distribution may expand to mass-market retailers.

And yes, now he takes his sister’s phone calls.