Here’s How Brands Are Using TikTok To Go After A New Demo With Major Spending Power

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or perhaps just returned to earth after a very long trip away) you’ve probably heard that Tik Tok is the hottest new social platform. You’ve read up on it, downloaded it to your phone, scrolled the feed, and maybe even posted a clip or two yourself. If you did all that–and you’re over the of age of 25–consider yourself way ahead of the game. While Gen Z originally catapulted TikTok and its quirky, 15 to 60-second vertical videos into the zeitgeist, users from other generations–Millennials, Gen X and even Boomers–have also been getting involved in ever-accelerating numbers. Together, these more established generations–along with the brands who want to court them–have been redefining the way that we leverage the TikTok platform. Read more at Inc.