Here’s What Retailers Have To Prove In 2018

by MR Magazine Staff

Retailers seem to be pulling out of their years-long malaise, helped by a strong economy and their own efforts to finally adapt to the world. Companies like Target and Kohl’s are finally starting to reap the dividends of billions in investments in e-commerce, such as retrofitting stores so they support online orders. Walmart has gone from defensive mode to offense, with big investments in tech to go with the raises its given to hundreds of thousands of store employees and major improvements to how its grocery offerings are presented. Even apparel chains like Gap Inc, American Eagle Outfitters, and Abercrombie & Fitch are doing better. But with the major shakeout in retail of 2017 out of the way, survivors will have to show customers and Wall Street that they can do more than just survive and bounce from one retail crisis to another. They’ve had several years now to adapt and react to Amazon’s threat and figure out what they stand for. Any retailer that has a poor 2018 has no one to blame but its own executives. Read more at Fortune.