Here’s Why Trump’s Presidential Run Has Been A Bonanza For His Bank Account

by MR Magazine Staff

At a time when sales for the S&P 500 are falling, Trump’s revenue is soaring. Marketing mavens were sure that Donald Trump’s flame-throwing presidential campaign would hobble his knack for making money. But the presumptive GOP nominee’s new financial results show that the experts have been just as wrong predicting Trump business demise as they were at forecasting the collapse of his maverick run for the White House.

The numbers, which were released this week, show a gigantic, over-the-top 50% jump in revenues, from activities as varied as selling downtown trophy condos, filling hotel suites at his resorts, and attracting golf-crazy vacationers. To be sure, we still don’t have the full picture, far from it. What’s more, how much profit Trump actually generates from the reported sales bonanza is still in doubt. But from what Trump’s telling us, while sales at the average company in the S&P looked stale last year, dropping 3% last year year, the Donald’s enterprises appear to be as fresh as ever. Read more at Fortune.