Here’s What Macy’s Says Is The Worst Pain Point For Shoppers

by MR Magazine Staff

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in a long checkout line at Macy’s, tapping your feet and looking at your watch every two seconds, please know the department store operator’s CEO feels your pain. As part of Macy’s ongoing efforts to improve its business and build on its first quarter of comparable sales growth in three years over the holidays, the retailer is testing out mobile checkout at some stores, with a plan to offer the service at 450 of its 650 or so Macy’s stores. A customer would use his or her Macy’s shopping app to scan items, ring up the bill and pay it and then go to an express line at a service center. There, the shopper would present the app to an employee, who would then count items in the bag and remove security tags on the items before sending the shopper on his or her way. Read more at Fortune.