by Karen Alberg Grossman

braxIt’s not often that the men’s fashion industry experiences the type of paradigm shift that’s happening now: a move from jeans and khakis to more sophisticated pants that are a cross between dress and casual. Bestsellers are fitted but not tight and in fabrics that are softer and lighter than ever, often with a percentage of stretch. The look is effortless and classic but completely modern.

“These are the go-to pants guys need now,” says Russ Fearon, president of Throat Threads Apparel, U.S. distributor of Brax, the German-based pants manufacturer that’s taken the menswear market by storm. “The modern aesthetic, soft luxurious feel and stretch comfort of these pants mean phenomenal value for the sophisticated-casual consumer.”

While new to the American market, the company has been crafting luxury pants in Europe for 130 years. Says Fearon, “To Germans, Brax is right up there with Mercedes and Porsche: a prestige brand renowned for its beauty, precision and performance. What this really means is consistency. In sizing, fabric, fit and finish, our standards never waver.”

braxIn fact, fabric is a key selling point for Brax. “The company has been using the finest Italian and German weaving mills for their pants for more than 100 years,” Fearon continues. “All the fabrics we use are exclusive to Brax; we work closely with the mills to create something that’s highly engineered, with a luxury feel, at a great price. Most Brax pants for fall ‘18 will retail between $200 and $300 and they’re washable — a convenience that American men appreciate.”

Key looks include numerous interesting textures and a new fit that features a comfortable waist and rise with a slimmer leg and narrower bottom. “I think Brax has carved out a space all its own: a pant that’s perfectly positioned between sophistication and leisure,” sums up Fearon. “The reaction at retail has been amazing: upscale stores that started out testing 100 pairs ended up selling 1,000. It’s tough these days to find an apparel item that generates this kind of revenue.”

In addition to their fabulous collection of pants, the brand has also launched shirts ($146-$168 suggested retails) shipping for spring, and has added a great collection of sweaters for fall – some of the nicest we’ve seen at suggested retails of $198-$298.

Look for Brax at Project New York, Booth 119.