by Stephen Garner

Herno has teamed up with Green Pea to create a new shop-in-shop at the world’s first Green Retail Park in Turin, Italy, which showcases some of the most sustainable fashion luxury brands.

The new 90 square-meter (approximately 970 square-foot) shop is located on the third floor of the building dedicated to Italian luxury brands, and will sell the brand’s sustainable “Globe” collection. In the center of the space is a stylized tree made of cedar wood that comes from sustainable crops. Eight branches with luminous inlays serve as a light source and at the same time, they support cases made of steel where the product is shown inside, dividing the space into five different areas. Each area is dedicated to a project of the collection: Fast5Degradable, Recycled wool, 100 percent regenerated Econyl nylon, Onibegie recycled nylon, and water-resistant cashmere.

The walls are made of cork with hints of grey that recall the flannel fabric that covers the walls of all the other Herno stores. Even the steel stands used for hanging the garments are a reddish copper-colored obtained thanks to treatment with a low environmental impact that does not involve the use of chemical additives; and the famous hook is made of oak wood and cork.

Since 2010, Herno has made sustainability its mission to be pursued. In that year the company switched to photovoltaic and invests in low consumption machinery, becoming completely independent from an energetic point of view. In 2016, Herno adhered with Radici Group (yarn) and Eurojersey (fabric) to the first European certification of environmental impact for a garment – PEF – Product Environmental Footprint. And, in 2019, Herno launched “Herno Globe,” the label that embraces all the sustainability projects of the brand.