by John Russel Jones

Italian outerwear company Herno Globe is launching three new collections for men this season with an emphasis on sustainability. 

The Fast5Degradable hooded nylon bomber is made from 6.6 Amni Soul Eco polyamide yarn. The jacket can be disposed of in a landfill and completely degrade in only 5 years, as compared to 50 years for regular nylon, decomposing into organic matter and biogas. The jacket is padded with recycled polyester from plastic bottles. The jacket retails for $1,100. The Fast5Degradable hooded cape, with short sleeves and adjustable drawstrings, retails for $680, and a parka without padding retails for $1030.

The Herno Globe men’s hooded bomber ($1,010) is made from bio-based nylon, a completely renewable material derived from the castor-oil plant, a species that grows in dry, untended soil. The functional and lightweight fabric therefore has no impact on agricultural food crops in the agricultural field. A coordinating T-shirt made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, is piece-dyed using colorants that do not pollute the environment or release harmful substances and features an embroidered globe and slogan ($230). 

Finally the Recycled Tweet jacket, featuring adjustable drawstrings, is made from recycled polyester that comes from two different yarns, both produced from post-consumer waste. The weft is derived from plastic bottles, and the warp from post-industrial textile waste and PET materials. Both productions require less energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The characteristic print on the fabric is an ode to nature. Retail price is $920.