by Stephen Garner

Gentle Monster and Heron Preston will launch their first-ever eyewear collaboration on July 29th worldwide at Gentle Monster and Heron Preston’s on and offline stores and global select retailers. The new collection, inspired by the bold workwear design at the core of Preston’s vision, incorporates the brand’s signature ‘spirit level’ element into eyewear.

The collection features three sunglasses in different color variations and a limited edition, custom-designed case. Crafted in collaboration with Heron Preston frames: Level 0 01(B) in black lenses/ Level 0 C1 in clear lenses, and Level 0 NY1 in a navy gradient front, offer a rectangular silhouetted acetate frame with 100 percent UV protection. The solid, wide sunglasses are accentuated by the bold edges and level details on each temple, combining both brands’ identities into one design.

Heron Preston, founder and creative director of his namesake brand, was first drawn to this partnership thanks to Gentle Monster’s deep understanding of how to connect and juxtapose culture and art in authentic yet relatable ways.

“The level was first introduced in the collections as a heel on our women’s boot,” said Preston. “Given the success and excitement around that idea, we challenged ourselves to think of other ways the level could be applied across different product categories. The shape and construction of sunglasses is the perfect platform for this idea. The horizontal line that creates the temple on the side of the glasses directly relates to the line of a level. It was the perfect fit. I decided to collaborate with Gentle Monster because they always have supported big ideas and ambitious thinking. They understand how to connect through culture & arts in the most authentic ways and so working with them made me feel confident that they would be able to carry out my vision.”