Hickey Freeman’s Heroes & Leaders campaign
by Stephen Garner
Hickey Freeman’s Heroes & Leaders campaign
Barrett Scruggs and Michael Abrams

Premium tailored clothing brand Hickey Freeman has released its newest edition of its Heroes & Leaders campaign for fall 2018, starring American war heroes Barrett Scruggs, Michael Abrams, Cesar Orozco, and Brian Stann. The campaign celebrates the incredible contributions these men have provided to support our country and freedom, expanding past their active duty.

Launched in Fall 2017, Hickey Freeman’s Heroes & Leaders campaign celebrates veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan war as civic assets and leaders. The campaign’s communication goal is to create awareness that the unique skills and characters of veterans make them more likely to succeed in whatever life they build after leaving service. The ultimate goal is to help change the perception of veterans and admire them, hire them and support them as they help build America’s future.

Hickey Freeman’s Heroes & Leaders campaign
Cesar Orozco and Brian Stann

The fall 2018 campaign will introduce these four new Heroes & Leaders veterans through intimate stories portrayed in stills and film to be told through digital and print media.

Hickey Freeman continues to believe in investing in America by manufacturing domestically, training and hiring highly skilled artisans and keeping a strong presence in Rochester. As a natural extension of its core values, the company is investing in veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan through a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility program centered on suit donations to returning veterans.