Hickey Freeman SS17
by Stephen Garner
Hickey Freeman SS17Hickey Freeman SS17Hickey Freeman SS17Hickey Freeman SS17Hickey Freeman SS17

Photos by Masato Onoda

American luxury tailoring brand Hickey Freeman unveiled its spring/summer 2017 collection on Wednesday, September 28 at a presentation in Manhattan.

The new collection found inspiration in the dreamy bands of color found in Painted Desert, a visually wondrous place in the Badlands of the southwest. Layers of dusty rose, tan and putty seen throughout the collection which also builds upon previous seasons as Hickey Freeman celebrates its 117th birthday.

The silhouettes are loosened up this season to bring an easy vibe to the hand-tailored pieces. Silk runs throughout the collection as well to add strength to fine fabrics and further convey the mood of the season.

“This is a collection that must be seen up close, touched and worn to fully appreciate its specialness,” said Arnold Brant Silverstone, chief creative officer at Hickey Freeman. “It’s like wearing silk pajamas in the boardroom.”