Paul Poole
by Karen Alberg Grossman
Paul Poole
Paul Poole

Jeffrey Roberts has announced that Paul Poole has joined Hiltl as agent for the USA. The two will work together through the fall ‘22 selling season. Says Roberts, “Paul’s background is perfect for this opportunity: the retailers I’ve spoken to about him have nothing but high praise.”

Says Poole, “I’m really excited for this opportunity to work with a strong heritage brand such as Hiltl! I look forward to learning from Jeff and putting my diverse menswear background to good use in building the business. Hiltl has always been recognized for its unique fabrics and interesting finishes. Building on that with a focus on expanding replenishment, I believe there’s strong growth potential for this terrific brand.”

Poole’s career started at Charlotte specialty store Taylor Richards & Conger under the mentorship of Glen Taylor and Dick Pattison. His wholesale experience includes Armani, Polo Ralph Lauren division of Corneliani, Corneliani USA, Zanella, and Fashioning Space.

“After working from home for the past 18 months, men are trying to figure out what to wear to the office,” adds Poole. “It’s going to be some hybrid of athleisure/smart casual/dress, but always with comfort first and foremost. Hiltl believed in stretch fabrics early on, has been very innovative in fabric technology, and is priced at the low-end of luxury ($200-$300 retails). Even with lots of luxury pants companies out there, I believe we’ve got an edge.”

For more information, contact Paul Poole at prpoole@mac.com.


  1. Happy to see that you are once again gainfully employed. A great decision to go with Hiltl and I’m sure they as well as us will benefit greatly with your talent. All the best! Steve

  2. Congratulations, Paul…Can’t think of a better man for this job! You and Jeffrey will make a great team and will bring the Hiltl brand back to the American market where it’s been sorely missed. Best of luck to you both!

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