“Hims” Is Using The Goop Aesthetic To Sell Men’s Wellness

by MR Magazine Staff

At first glance, Forhims.com looks like a “gifts for your man” section of Glossier. The aesthetic similarities are uncanny: Pale pink and peach, pretty young models, a glib, all-lowercase brand name in a borrowed Goop-esque font. Beyond its font, Hims and Goop share far more. Founded in 2017, Hims is “tackling the lack of innovation and discussion in the men’s wellness industry,” says serial entrepreneur Andrew Dudum, who started the brand after noticing his male peers were curious about touchy health topics (hair loss, erectile dysfunction, acne) but uncomfortable speaking about them. Armed with an underserved market-cohort—and with a resume full of Silicon Valley moonshots—Dudum likely saw an opportunity. Indeed, while most popular female wellness brands have a men’s shop, there has yet to be men’s wellness brand that exclusively markets to men using an aesthetic like this one, let alone openly identifies as a men’s lifestyle brand. The now 25-person company takes a two-fold approach to selling men’s wellness: On the innovation front, Hims abandons the standard branding—which, for men, vacillates between gentlemanly and fratty—opting instead for millennial pink packaging and generous use of eggplant emojis. Read more at Quartz.