Hiromi Asai
by Stephen Garner

Hiromi AsaiNew York-based fashion designer Hiromi Asai, known for her handcrafted kimonos, will be debuting her menswear collection at Pitti Uomo 91 in Florence, Italy from January 10 – 13.  The Hiromi Asai menswear collection, named Blue, will be available for the fall/winter 2017 buying season, and includes shirts, coats, ties, jackets, casual jackets, trousers, and bespoke and fits for casual and business settings.

The key pieces of her collection are marine blue suits, Nishijin-ori brocade jackets, bomber jacket with dragon motif, outerwear with lining of the wind and thunder gods and neckties with selected Japanese print motifs.

“I have seen overall several seasons that many designers have used kimono fabrics in women and menswear,” said Asai. “I always hope to reverse the declining trend of kimono industry in Japan and bring the collection made by Kimono textiles to its rightful forefront in fashion. Though many female designers have not focused on men’s collection, I decided to use kimono textiles for men’s collection and try to integrate the fabrics with exquisite quality into sophisticated men’s fashion.”

One of the collection’s highlights is a marine blue silk suit with the deep color not able to be acquired without a traditional Japanese hand dying technique for Kimono manufacturing.  The collection also features several jackets made by Nishijin-ori brocade, with textiles that include gold and/or silver thread, and meant to be worn for all occasions.

“I am excited to have been chose and show Hiromi Asai men’s collection at Pitti Uomo. This is the first challenge to feature kimono textiles for men’s collection,” added Asai “I hope the fashion community at Pitti Uomo buyers enjoy the high quality of our products as well as sophisticated designs with many unique features.”