by Stephen Garner

H&M has launched a free, 24-hour suit rental service that allows anyone attending a job interview to make a great first impression. Called “One/Second/Suit,” the program is the Swedish retailer’s first rental program in the U.S.

“Job interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience,” said Sara Spannar, head of marketing and communications at H&M. “But we believe nothing should hold you back. Least of all what you wear. The One/Second/Suit is ready-to-wear confidence. A signal to the world and a reminder to yourself that you’ve got what it takes.”

H&M is introducing the initiative with a film by director Mark Romanek that underlines the importance of making a good first impression. The film captures the nerves and self-doubt we all face on the day of a big interview. An emotional call from Mom gives the cast an affirming pep talk and reinforces the confidence of the candidates to seize this opportunity.

The retailer is also sharing tips to help people prepare for job interviews by sharing tips for boosting confidence, along with other advice. As the retailer describes, “A suit isn’t an outfit. It’s confidence. A signal to the world and a reminder to yourself you’ve got what it takes.”

The One/Second/Suit initiative launched in the UK on April 15th and is now live in the U.S. for a test period of three months.