H&M Has Launched Its First Ever Pride Collection. But Some Items Are Made In Countries Where Being Gay Is Illegal

by MR Magazine Staff

Retailers ranging from Converse to Disney have released a variety of LGBTQ-themed items in celebration of Pride Month this month. But while companies may sell shirts emblazoned with rainbows or the words “love is love” on them, the shirts themselves are often produced in countries where homosexuality is illegal or widely persecuted. H&M made waves in late May when it launched its first ever Pride collection, featuring a range of items with rainbows and pro-LGBTQ+ phrases. The collection, intended to “celebrate that everyone should be free to love who they want as loud as they want,” promised that 10% of its sale proceeds would be donated to the UN Free & Equal campaign. The campaign aims to promote equal rights and fair treatment of all individuals around the world. Read more at Fortune.