H&M x John Boyega
by Stephen Garner

H&M has teamed up with Golden Globe-winning actor John Boyega on a new sustainable menswear collection.

Called “Edition by John Boyega,” the collection fuses workwear pieces with floral prints and tie-dye patterns. The collection is made using sustainable materials, such as Vegea — a vegan alternative to leather, partly made from waste from the winemaking industry. In the new line, cotton is organic or recycled from textile-production waste or post-consumer waste, nylons and polyesters are recycled, and viscose fibers are from sustainable sources.

“John Boyega is a brave leader of a generation that’s speaking up for change, believing there’s a better way to treat each other and the planet,” said Ross Lydon, head of menswear design at H&M. “H&M is proud to team up with John for Edition by John Boyega, a contemporary, more sustainable collection for men.”

H&M x John Boyega

Boyega has earned recognition not only for his acting, but also for standing up for the changes he wants to see in the world. In June 2020, he seized the megaphone and gave a heartfelt speech at a Black Lives Matter protest in London. For Boyega, voicing your truth is one of the most powerful tools for driving empathy and change.

“I’m excited to collaborate with H&M on a collection that aligns my passions with purpose,” added Boyega. “Sustainability to me means thinking about longevity for the benefit of those coming after us. This collaboration has already birthed opportunities for fresh dynamic creatives. Two birds with one stone.”