House Of Showfields’ Retail Theater Could Make Shopping Fun Again

by MR Magazine Staff

It begins with a black-and-white-striped slide—like one you might see on a children’s playground. I have no idea where it goes. I’m nervous, but I’m not the only one. Two other people stand in the room with me. “I haven’t been on a slide since I was six,” one tells me. His friend assures him that it’s fine. She’s been here already. Before I can overthink it too much, I swing myself onto the slide and skid all the way to the bottom. Then, I am suddenly in the midst of a faux forest, with strategically placed neon lights illuminating a room dotted with the trunks of real-looking birch trees. Moss hangs down from the ceiling. A woman dressed in all white with lab glasses pulls me over to sit on a log. She tells me she’s been working on a new formula. She dabs a bit of lotion onto the back of my hand and proceeds to tell me how it’s all-natural, plant-based, and vegan. Read more at Fast Company.