How Amazon Pay’s Worldpay Partnership Will Grow Its Retailer Footprint

by MR Magazine Staff

Amazon is on track to grow the reach of its payment wallet to more than a million more retailers, and with bigger reach comes more opportunities to work with retailers online and offline. It’s working with payments company Worldpay, a company that enables payment methods for 1.1 million merchants across the U.S., adding options like Visa, Mastercard and American Express. It’s an arrangement that puts Amazon Pay in the checkouts of a larger group of retailers. That’s good for Amazon Pay’s potential, which has been tempered by retailers’ reticence to use a payment platform powered by the company. But it also underpins a more involved strategy that Patrick Gauthier, vp of Amazon Pay, would only describe as a “connected experiences” strategy, one that would connect customer journeys between multiple channels, including mobile, voice and in-store. Read more at Digiday.