How American Apparel Is Rebuilding Its Brand With More Sizes, New Styles And Fresh Marketing

by MR Magazine Staff

American Apparel, the Los Angeles-based clothing retailer known for its risqué advertising, has been through some tumultuous times.
It would be easy to point to Dov Charney, the controversial founder and former CEO who over the years has been embroiled in several sexual harassment lawsuits and then fired in 2014 for misconduct. But the retailer’s problems go deeper than Charney. The once publicly traded company hasn’t been profitable for five years, and in February it exited Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings as a private firm. American Apparel is now busy stitching together a new global marketing plan that’s said to be more reflective of today’s tastes and trends. Adweek recently spoke with Cynthia Erland, American Apparel’s SVP of marketing, to hear how the company plans to spring forward. Read more at Adweek.