How Can American Retail Learn From Asia’s “New Normal”?

As all 50 states and ‘non-essential’ shops in the U.K. begin to reopen for business, retailers will be shaping “the new normal” as they adhere to health and safety guidelines to protect its employees and customers. Cashier counters will resemble a bank teller with acrylic partitions, promotional signages replaced with social distancing vinyl floor stickers, and queues snaking out of shops as if the new Yeezy’s have just dropped. With lockdowns easing and the economy in resurrection mode, shoppers in Asia flock to their favourite malls for a little revenge retail therapy. Although the casualties in the Eastern regions are less than the West, mall operators are taking extra precautions to welcome its shoppers with open arms – at a distance. As malls across America reopen, here’s a look at how Asia’s retailers are using technology to tackle the post-COVID shopping experience. Read more at Forbes.