How can retailers keep sales momentum going into second half of year?

by Steve Pruitt

Q: As we reopened in mid-May we got off to a good start, and June was better than May. How do I get the next sales boost?

Steve Pruitt: You need to go back to the Golden Goose (I don’t mean the brand, although that may be a good idea). Focus on the clients that got you here (re: sales in the last two months). This group faced the pandemic threat safely in-store, or searched for your store online and dropped by for a quick pick-up.

By and large, they bought at a smaller discount than customers did in the same period last year. I was even told by one merchant that a client got to point-of-sale and told the merchant that he would prefer to pay full price (I think I would have kissed the guy!).

Here’s a simple equation: Land some great, new products and call the clients that shopped with you 3 or 4 weeks ago. Now you have a sustainable book of business to build from, and you will pick up new clients all month long. This will give you more contacts to talk with next month about the hottest new outfits.

The moral of this story: Never forget who brought you to the dance.

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