by Steve Pruitt

Q: Summer is traditionally a slow time for my store. How can I incite more sales in this period, without a lot of new product?

Steve Pruitt:  I have one piece of advice for making the most of the summer season, even if you don’t reap the rewards until later on: focus on travel. We know that our resort stores are doing better than stores in non-resort locations and this is because consumers feel freer to spend and enjoy life when they are on holiday.

It’s true that summer is slow in many stores, but this is because the key clientele is on holiday, spending elsewhere else! So, it’s time to start asking customers about their travel and vacation plans when you do see them.

“Where are you going this summer, and what do you need to feel your best?” is a good start to the conversation. Have your salespeople start adding client trips to their calendars so they can call them before they go to ask what they may need. The same goes for special events, such as weddings and graduations.

Think of summer as a period when you can spend more time getting to know your customers because the traffic is a little slower. You may find that your dollars per transaction rise because you’re giving customers what they need to fit into their on-the-go lifestyle.

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