How Cannabis Became Chic

by MR Magazine Staff

There’s nothing we like more than a good makeover. Whether it’s Rachael Leigh Cook falling downstairs in that red dress in She’s All That, or the slightly abusive computer who forced people to remove their fake tan on Snog Marry Avoid, there’s nothing the collective culture enjoys like a good before and after. In 2018, nothing has had a bigger makeover than cannabis. Across every industry, from medicine, to fashion, to beauty, to food and drink and journalism, cannabis has been having A Moment. The iconic marijuana leaf has moved in from the fashion wilderness of your older brother’s room with its Bob Marley posters and Pink Floyd albums. Now, it’s featured in the collections of Vetements, Jeremy Scott and Stella McCartney, and its popularity has contributed to the push for huge changes in drugs laws –– whether that’s full legalisation for recreational use in Canada, or the availability of cannabis on the NHS in Britain, which has huge implications in improving the lives of those living with epilepsy, cancer, autism and mental health issues. Marijuana has never been more accepted, but more than that, it’s never been more chic. Read more at i-D.