How Do Fashion Interns Afford To Live?

by MR Magazine Staff

When it comes to the fashion industry, internships are still the most popular way for young creatives to claw their way in. These grueling positions – often unpaid or compensated with wildly-underestimated “expenses” – are designed to teach interns the business basics, but most companies see them more as months-long job interviews, meaning the pressure to perform can be high. Appearances also matter – especially in fashion. But how do interns afford to keep them up while juggling financial worries, the stress of a new role and, in plenty of cases, a series of side-hustles? “I absolutely feel the pressure to look good at work – I’m often in meetings with big clients and important people,” Cat, a fashion PR intern who declined to share her last name for anonymity, tells me via email. Her hunt for a position in London was met with a series of roadblocks: a lack of pay was often one; the requirement of a degree or a year of relevant experience (somewhat counterintuitive for an internship listing) was another. Eventually, she settled on a part-time role that offered expenses – although these don’t cover even half the cost of her commute. Read more at Highsnobiety.