How Do You Bring Personalized Shopping Technology To Stores? Adobe Has An Idea

by MR Magazine Staff

These days, shopping on the web is personal — or personalized, rather. Every time you log on to, or open a Net-a-Porter email, you’re seeing a feed of products uniquely determined by your past browsing and purchase history. Visit a product page on, and you’ll even be given a sizing recommendation based on the measurements of the clothes you purchased from the retailer in the past.

For online retailers and shoppers, these “personalization” features are a win/win — they help shoppers find what they’re looking for (and in the case of Saks, in what size), and help boost retailers’ conversion rates. But where does that leave brick-and-mortar retailers? How do they integrate personalization features into their shopping experiences? (Aside from employing a human personal shopper.) That’s something Adobe’s digital marketing division is aiming to figure out. Read more at Fashionista.