How Earrings Became The Boys’ Toy Of The Moment

by MR Magazine Staff

For men certainly, the practice of piercing has long been an off-the-radar act. We all know someone who has woken up after one too many to find a stick of plated silver stabbed through his eyebrow and have friends who, en route out of the closet, chose a delicate right ear piercing to stand as a quiet symbol of their sexuality. In 2018, with gender and sexuality no longer considered in binary terms, piercing has migrated to a more mainstream place, with statement earrings positioned in whichever ear and position they fancy very much standard for straight and gay men — and women. Take a look across the packed tables of your local pub beer garden and you’ll see this heavy metal moment in action. From studs to matt platinum hoops to George Michael tribute crosses, earrings are the boys’ toys of the moment. See more at Evening Standard.