by Michael Macko

how-erin-worksErin HawkerErin Hawker, owner of Agentry PR, knows how to get the word out. She has served stints at Donna Karan, Vertu, LaForce & Stevens and Diesel. Her current client roster includes Penguin, Stetson and David Hart, to name a few. In 2013, she founded New York Men’s Day, which had its sixth season earlier this month. I spent a recent morning in her Chelsea loft office to see how she works.

1. J. HILBURN They are a direct-to-consumer men’s tailored clothing brand who came to me looking for a way to get some press and sales during the men’s market. So we came up with a 24 foot semi-rig that will travel from NYC to Dallas (their home city), making stops in 12 cities along the way. The rig will be a “Suiting Lounge,” mobile showroom, and fitting room that existing and potential customers can use to experience the brand.

2. NEW YORK MEN’S DAY In 2013, I had several menswear brands that needed help getting exposure. I thought there was power in numbers, so I created New York Men’s Day. I approached 100 brands as potential sponsors and they all said ‘no.’ Cadillac was number 101 and they said ‘yes,’ We’ve been growing ever since.

3. THE CHAMPAGNE BUCKET OF TOYS I’m a former club kid, and always wore plastic Fendi skirts and carried a wand. My mom still buys me wands when she sees them and people love to give me stuffed animals. No more clubs for me, but I’m still a kid at heart.

4. THE LIPS It’s MAC Ruby Woo and I’ve been wearing the same color for the past 15 years. If they ever discontinue it I’m good, because I buy 20 tubes at a time.

5. THE HUMIDIFIER It’s the ‘Bottle Humidifier’ by Seattle-based designer Yeongkyu Yoo, which I got from the Cooper Hewitt Museum Shop. Our office here in Chelsea, where we have been for the past five years, gets very warm. So I keep it going all year-round.