How Expensive Should Fashion Be? The True Cost Of Our Clothes Isn’t Decided At The Till

Many of us will know the feeling. You’ve spotted some gorgeous garment on your Instagram feed and clicked through in a Pavlovian fervor to find out more. It’s ethical, sustainable, small-batch, free-range – all the good stuff! Then you look at the price. And you want to weep. How to reconcile sustainable fashion with its higher price tag is probably the most complex question I face, as someone who spends a lot of time trying to persuade people to kick their fast-fashion habit. A recent Cosmopolitan poll found that two-thirds of respondents don’t buy from sustainable fashion brands – and of those who don’t, 80 percent said it was because they’re “too expensive”. True, they’re usually spendier than the rock-bottom price tags we’ve grown used to. But they need to be. Read more at The Independent.