How Facebook AI May Help To Change The Way We Shop Online In The Future

by MR Magazine Staff

Facebook has had one tough quarter: data privacy scandals, shrinking margins and a market capitalization that has been trimmed by more than $100 billion as the internet giant’s shares tumbled from a record $217 per share down to the $160 range. Facebook now needs to show investors and analysts that it can jump-start earnings growth to restore faith. There is one clear path for Facebook to release its embedded value and regain its mojo: artificial intelligence and predictive shipping. The current Facebook business model is based upon renting user intelligence to advertisers. Regardless of who is mining the data, Facebook eagerly monetizes advertising insights based upon your intimate details. Writer Cale Guthrie Weissman states that “Zuckerberg keeps insisting Facebook doesn’t sell our data. What it does is even worse. Renting aggregated data is even more powerful.” Read more at CNBC.