How John Smedley Became One of Menswear’s Most Beloved Sweater Makers

Derbyshire, England-based John Smedley has been synonymous with quality fabrics since 1874. Almost 150 years after it was founded, the brand is still a fixture in the closets of many a well-dressed man—a true testament to its staying power. Originally beginning as a mill for muslin and cotton, the company expanded into knitwear, hosiery, underwear and knitted outerwear and, in the 1960s, developed its signature sweater line, which helped propel it to international expansion. Around this time, the British royal family also took notice. Queen Elizabeth II paid a visit to the brand’s headquarters and soon after John Smedley was named the official knitwear supplier to the. In 2013, it received a royal warrant for providing the “place and quality of manufacturer of fine knitwear,” solidifying its place in the pantheon of luxury makers. Read more at Robb Report.