How Mexico City’s Coolest Menswear Label Is Honoring The Style Legacy Of Charros

Western style is often associated with Americana. It conjures up images of country music, John Wayne movies, and classic Wrangler jeans. Dig a little deeper, though, and history will show that Black cowboys and Mexican charros, among other cultural groups, helped shape the look of Western fashion long before it was whitewashed by Hollywood. Skilled at roping and riding, the Mexican horsemen known as charros have always maintained a flamboyant uniform consisting of cropped embellished jackets, embroidered skirts, and wide-brimmed sombreros, among other pieces. Now a new menswear label out of Mexico City is spotlighting the idiosyncratic style of charros in a new, unexpected way. Patricio Campillo launched his men’s line, The Pack, in 2015. The designer was born and raised in Mexico City, where his studio is based, and grew up immersed in charro culture. His father collects charro antiquities, and many of his family members also ride horseback as well. “My parents have a ranch, and we used to spend three days a week over there [when I was young],” Campillo says. “When I was three or four years old, they tied me to the saddle and hit the horse.” Campillo conceived of the idea around 2013 while he was consulting for Mexican womenswear designer Lorena Saravia. She offered him a chance to create a small menswear collection. “It was the first time that I ever designed,” he says. “I discovered that it was my true love.” Read more at Vogue.