How Much Does Culture Matter In Branding?

by MR Magazine Staff

Company culture is a buzz phrase for job candidates and human resources departments — but it’s something that marketing departments should think about too. Culture and brand ought to go hand in hand, argues Denise Lee Yohn in her new book, “Fusion: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies.” In it, Yohn encourages companies to build their brands “from the inside out,” integrating it with employees’ experience, not just customers’. Some companies have already pulled off this approach — think Patagonia’s extreme stance on preserving national parks or Outdoor Voice’s motivational marketing. But many other retailers, especially big-box players, have disconnected these two crucial aspects of their identities. It’s a fusion that requires thought and effort — like any business decision — and one that executives must consider strategically as it relates to their core mission. Read more at Retail Dive.