How Retail Sector Is Going To Roll Out In 2019?

by MR Magazine Staff

Two decades ago, retail was the most untapped market in India and today, it is the fastest growing! Indian retail sector that boasts of employing 8 per cent of the total workforce, currently a billion-dollar market expected to become a trillion-dollar market by 2020, is on a roll and it is getting more expansive and robust one year after another. Mr Ambud Sharma, Founder and CEO of Escaro Royale feels,”Indian retail industry is growing at its fastest pace ever thriving to become the world’s largest retail industry. The continually churning wheels of development and advancements in product delivery have led to a huge transformation in the retail segment.” He also adds that India is also poised to become the world’s largest e-commerce market and 2019 is going to witness a lot many changes in the retail sector. Read more at Entrepreneur.