How Retailers Can Spur Consumers To Ditch Fast Fashion

by MR Magazine Staff

Following recent worldwide climate strikes, more and more consumers are paying greater attention to their own carbon footprints, which has spurred many environmentally conscious shoppers to rethink their affinity for fast fashion. With Forever 21’s bankruptcy, talk of darker days for fast fashion has only grown louder. But the fast fashion industry benefits from one strong selling point: price competitiveness. Shopping more sustainably is typically more expensive. Without creative solutions that harmonize consumers’ eco-consciousness and their budget-consciousness, it will be hard for many shoppers to pass up the low prices fast fashion offers. To keep shoppers from feeling torn between their wallets and the planet, retailers should take steps like supporting clothing donations, offering green shipping incentives and making greater use of recycled material, as well as financing and payment options that lower customers’ upfront cost burden. Read more at Forbes.