How Sexiness And Softness Transformed Paris Menswear

by MR Magazine Staff

The knowledge that sex sells is as old as the hills, and there are few industries where its force is felt as strongly as in fashion. Whether by revealing or concealing the body’s natural architecture, designers have always been in pursuit of sexiness, making it a perennial trend of the last 100 years. That doesn’t, however, mean that the ways in which it has manifested have been constant. Over the course of fashion history, designers have reacted to, and in many cases influenced, the social and political frameworks of sexiness of their respective times. Today, with gender identities and expectations crumbling quicker than ever, the idea of what makes a man sexy has never been more fluid. In Paris last month, designers took a stand against the monopoly of broad-chested, sporty silhouettes, offering svelte proposals on how next summer’s man could look. Read more at i-D.