How Silicon Valley Ruined Work For Everyone, Everywhere

You stroll into the office a little past 9am. You got here in a company-sponsored bus that featured cushioned seats, Wi-Fi, and a distinct lack of eye contact. You are wearing weekend casual, even though it is a Wednesday. The office kitchen has green juice and kombucha growlers, which are free, as are breakfast and lunch. The office is lined with screens where your remote colleagues might pop up as talking heads. The CEO hoverboards past you. Then you find a desk – no one has assigned seats here – where you put down your laptop, don your over-the-ear headphones, and turn up the EDM to tune out the world around you for the next 12 hours. You are crushing it! Sounds like Silicon Valley circa 2009, right? Well, surprise – this is Corporate America in 2020. More and more offices are adopting the work culture invented by the technology upstarts. These are not the offices where your grandparents worked, clocking out at five sharp, eyeballing the corner office. There is no corner office here – just “hot desks” and open floor plans, wide as the prairie. Read more at Wired.