How Smartphones Are Killing Off The Fashion Show

by MR Magazine Staff

The first big show of New York Fashion Week will not take place in a traditional space. It is not even on the traditional schedule, which lists roughly 150 shows stretching from Thursday morning to next Thursday night. Rather, it will take place in the behemoth environs of Madison Square Garden, will feature not only a clothing collection but also an album release, and will be attended by a select group of editors, critics and retailers, as well as a much larger group of ticket-buying consumers, who will fill out the more than 18,000 seats and who are paying up to $8,584 on resale sites for the privilege. (The official price of the tickets was $50 to $135.) For those who cannot make it, the show will be filmed and screened in theaters in 25 countries, including Macedonia and Australia. Read more at The New York Times.