How Star Wars Changed The Way We Dress

by MR Magazine Staff

In the nearly four decades since George Lucas unleashed the universe of Star Wars on the world, Darth Vader masks and Princess Leia donut buns have been Halloween-costume fixtures, and Star Wars logo T-shirts have become ubiquitous. As the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology’s director and chief curator Valerie Steele explains, prior to Star Wars, sci-fi costumes fell into “a couple of cliché futuristic costumes”: think silver jumpsuits with diagonal stripes; skimpy, leg-bearing Greco-Roman warrior togas; or a spacey take on contemporary clothing. “If you think of Star Trek and things like that, it’s all very 1960s, but [it feels as if] ‘the future is micro-miniskirts,’ you know?” Read more at Vanity Fair.