How Stores Are Fighting The Retail Apocalypse

by MR Magazine Staff

Conventional wisdom — and, granted, sky-rocketing sales figures — say that e-tail is the way forward. A digital world of choice, techy, streamlined service, stylist advice at a click, worldwide delivery and ultimate convenience. But wait, bricks-and-mortar stores are biting back, rebranding themselves as cultural hubs offering talks, events, and exhibition-like sets and installations. When it comes to retail, has always been ahead of the curve. Its history is well documented: one of London’s first multibrand stores, Matches opened in leafy Wimbledon, with founders Tom and Ruth Chapman selling designer clothes — they were first to stock Prada and Versace — alongside serving tea and coffee to customers, encouraging them to “hang out” while they shopped. Back then, that was novel. More stores opened. Then the digital revolution hit, e-commerce, launched and all physical stores were rebranded and resources poured into creating an online empire that now ships to some 170 countries and stocks more than 400 brands. Over the course of this year, the site has already received 100 million visits, but now the luxury retailer comes full circle as’s latest venture — a new flagship townhouse — opens this month in Mayfair. Read more at Vogue.