How Target Keeps Its ‘Tar-zhay’ Luster

by MR Magazine Staff

At a hip event space in downtown Manhattan Target in early August, Chief Merchant Mark Tritton was marveling at the merchandise from its three newly launched brands. From electronics to apparel, designed and manufactured by the retailer, the items ran a wide spectrum of categories aimed at a whole new cohort of potential customers. They were: Heydey, its first proprietary electronics brand; Wild Fable, a low-cost clothing and accessories brand for teenage and young adult women; and Original Use, a male-focused brand with an urban feel. Tritton, who came to Target from Nordstrom two years ago with a mandate from CEO Brian Cornell to overhaul Target’s private brand business, a key ingredient in what sets it apart from Walmart and Amazon, has now overseen the genesis and launch of 12 Target brands, with more to come, an unprecedented pace for that chain. Read more at Fortune.