How The Best Workplaces In Retail Are Retaining Employees Amid The Great Resignation

Disputes and altercations between customers and retail workers overall have intensified over the past year and a half, as front-line employees in different retail sectors have tried to enforce mask and vaccination rules. Amid the rising tension, Dick’s has demonstrated it has employees’ backs. The company, which is based outside of Pittsburgh and has more than 850 stores and 50,000 employees across the United States, has a “zero-tolerance” stance regarding disrespectful behavior toward team members. This includes a hotline number for employees to call if they feel they have not been treated with dignity and respect. Customers who shop in the store also can use the hotline. The stance empowers store managers to escort customers from the premises when efforts to de-escalate conflicts do not succeed, says Paloma DeNardis, head of inclusion and diversity at Dick’s. Read more at Fortune.