How the Thom Browne Skirt Movement Is Changing Fashion Forever

Thanks to Thom Browne, more and more men are embracing the beauty of skirts. The designer has defied gender constructs and societal norms with his knee-length, gray pleated skirt, pushing the garment into the mainstream of menswear. Men have been wearing skirts for centuries, but it’s only recently that men’s skirts in fashion have become readily available.

“I’m happy that men are more accepting of skirts and being open to more ideas. It’s such an inspiring time,” Browne told Vanity Fair at his fall 2022 runway presentation in New York on Friday evening. “I think it’s important to remember—whether it’s a skirt or whatever it is—if you want to wear it, why not? You should just do it regardless of what anybody thinks. That’s really the message of tonight’s show. It’s just being true to yourself and being confident in just being your own self. It is easier said than done, but it’s important that you eventually, in your life, do find yourself.” Vanity Fair